Citibank calls it online bill pay. I call it paying bills my way.

Bills Made Simple
Citibank's Online Bill Payment

Bill payment is a fast way to pay your bills.
It puts you in control of your finances, allowing you
to pay bills whenever and wherever you want.

How To Set It Up:

  1.  Set up your payees
  2.  Select a one-time or recurring payment
  3.  Enter payment amounts and dates

How It Can Help You:

  • Pay all your bills at once
  • View your payee spending report
  • Get payment alerts
  • Pay bills with Citi MobileSM

See the "Pay Bills" section in our banking demo.
Watch video.

Plus, Citibank now offers eBills. Get electronic versions of your paper bills from a wide variety of merchants delivered to you automatically at Citibank Online. With Bill Payment and eBills you can receive, view and manage your bills where you pay them - on Citibank Online. Learn more about eBills.